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Essentials For Beautiful Skin All Summer

You will have clear smooth skin in just a few weeks!
Is your skin dotted with tiny bumps on the backs of your arms, maybe on your hips and butt? If you do, you may have a condition called Keratosis Pilaris. This condition is very difficult to treat and can leave you feeling less than your best. We all want smooth, clear skin especially during the summer months.

Well, you dont have to dread going sleeveless or wearing a bikini any longer. Keratosis Pilaris or "chicken skin" as it is commonly called (because it resembles the grainy texture of a plucked bird) can be managed.

What is Keratosis Pilaris
It is a genetic disorder that causes an overproduction of the protein Keratin found in the skin. You can read more about it and get in contact with others with this skin condition at

How Is Keratosis PilarisTreated
This skin condition is best attacked with a combination of products. I recommend that you try them all until you discover which ones work for you. The goal is to keep the hair follicles from becoming plogged with the excess keratin. The following products all help to do so. Some people find that regular manual exfoliation also helps.

This product works because it contains lactic acid. These acids help slough off dead skin cells, including keratin.

This also contains lactic acid as its main active ingredient.

If you've ever had acne, you are already familiar with salycilic acid. It is found in many over-the-counter products used to eliminate acne. Products such as Clearasil contain this acid. Since this product is particularly drying, you may want to apply a moisturizer after using this product. If you have a particularly stubborn patch of keratosis pilaris, you could opt to try the pure salicylic acid, leaving about 7-14 days between application. 

Products like Eucerin Plus Intensive repair lotion and others contain glycolic acid. You could also use pure glycolic acid to clear areas faster. Aqua Glycolic body lotion works particularly well.

 Though this creme was made for calluses, it has proven to be very effective against the stubborn chicken skin condition. It contains salicylic acid, urea and trichloroacetic acid TCA). This cream alone does the job of three separate creams. The TCA unclogs the follicles, the salicylic acid sloughs away the dead skin and the urea hydrates while helping the other ingredients penetrate into the skin. Apply once or twice daily to the affected areas and you should begin to see clearer skin within 3 weeks.  This product is not available in your local drug store. However, you can purchase it online or your doctor should be able to get it for you.

None of the five products listed is a cure for Keratosis Pilaris. However, with continued use, you will see clearer skin. It is especially important for anyone with this condition to moisturize as often as possible. 

One of the questions many people with this condition ask is how often they should shower. This question comes up because doctors routinely tell patients with this condition to limit their showers to a very short time and to avoid very hot showers. They also instruct patients to shower only once daily. As someone who has this conditon, though, I believe that more frequent showers with the aid of a wash cloth or loofah helps give you clearer skin. This is because the warm water opens up the pores and then the manual exfoliation unclogs the follicles, which is the effect you want. However, you should experiment to see which advice works best for you. 

Do you have this condition? What treatments do you use?
If you have any questions, leave me a note in the comments below.

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